Mahindra Rise

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: June 9, 2011

Mahindra Rise

Mahindra is many companies united by a common purpose – to enable people to Rise. We operate in key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, tractors, and vacation ownership. In everything we do and in everything we are we seek to inspire creativity and power change.

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  • samir Chadha

    I am with you.

  • Sudhir Gandotra

    To be a selfless giver is the most important thing in life, and, I am sure, that can make one “rise” beyond the crowd

  • Sant Ranjan

    My inner soul asks me two questions repeatedly, first is that let’s compare the life of people who make us live, I mean the people who grow vegetables, who grow grains, who sell vegetables sitting on roadside with their kids sleeping and playing there, the people who arrange milk for us daily starting there day early in the morning and hardly any time to rest, the people who arrange fruits for us by their hard labor. These all people’s life is without any vacation, without any picnic and without any team building fun. Their houses may have electricity or not. They may produce food for others but they mayn’t have for them. Their children may go to school or not. List is long but cutting long story short this is the life of people who make us live without any problem. Second part is with due apologies let’s take the life of people who own or work for organizations which produce other stuffs like cosmetics, cell phones and other electronics, luxury items, liquor, smoking items, life style items, holiday homes etc. again long list. In my opinion these things are not mandatory for living or some items are not good for life too. This class of people have vacations, have fun, have luxury, their children are getting best education and they need to think where to enjoy and how to use the vacation.

    Now the big question is why there is so much difference in life of people who make us live by providing us the must verses others whose output may be essential but not must.

    Can we do something so that both classes are happy and same enjoyment in life?

    With best Regards

  • Dipesh Rattan

    superb thought, even i think the same and just ask my self every second every minute every hour have i make it large.

  • Rohan kumar

    I have booked a car at shiva motors f I e 90 patparganj new delhi 110092 but executive of agency are not telling any status about booking some time mr faiz said that it take 04 week and sometime he says 06 weeks time of delivery of car there is so uncertainability in his discussion.

  • Rohan kumar

    I booked a car at shiva motor in f I e plot no 90 patparganj industrial area new delhi 110092 when I want to know my car delivery status of my booked car to Mr saurav as he introduced to himself as manager of agency he told that there is no time of delivery of car and said when the lot of car come we will seen .when I want to written the expected date of delivery in order form he denied the request I want to tell company head to see each and every booked order you found that every order form will found blank in expected date space so please check and look in to the matter of as a harrecement of customer may be stopped for future.Mr saurav talk as a illiterate person to customer you can check the discussion to him any time about any matter of service.

  • Gopugopan

    Sir…my self Gopu Gopan not an intrasted in research..and also am an engineering student..I introduce a new project or a new concept to save our world in the effects of GLOBAL WARMING…my project is focused only to transfer the co2 to electricity…the co2 will capture from the atmosphere,factories..vehicle..ect

    So I don’t konw this idea is use full for you…but it will definitely help the please give technical support to design the project accuratly