Building Homes in Rural India

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: June 22, 2011

Building Homes in Rural India

At Mahindra, we believe sustainable housing is a right not a luxury.

Our business model rests on empowering our customers through reasonable and flexible home loans for purchase, construction, extension and improvement.

Our Rural Housing Finance business transforms more than just homes; we transform lives.

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  • Sijomon M I

    i like maheendra, because all are comfortable and good things.all new models are very intresting and all projects are exellent.

  • Tiwari Abhishek

    This is really a great initiative.

  • Deeparani234

    It is very big & helthy Organization, Every one want be work for over there because it is 2nd highest four weeler Organization in this countary & prepare for innovative idea for need of pepole.

  • Duvvuri Ravi kumar

    The real development can be achieved only when we thinks in terms of Rural empowerment. We should start from optimum use of the available resources Land Agriculture waste and Water. Rural empowerment will check Urbanization which is the need of the hour. Rural empowerment is to balance the growth and buying power. Passing reforms Financing by Banking sector did not give proper support to the growth in this sector. All India Citizens Organisation designed a program to connect investors ( small, Medium, Big) directly to farmers and help small and big Farmers to effectively produce and share, innovative documentation, ownership rights on crop to Investor and Farmer, Direct marketing process and many more. Fool proof system to counter Corporate growth and make avenue to control prices, encourage Farmers to bring more Land into Cultivation and a way a unique Joint venture program in Farming sector to build the Farmer and Investor friendly program. All India Citizens Organisation also designed program to encourage Rural entrepreneurs by connecting with the the Investors in the form of Partnerships Joint ventures etc to Increase Non Conventional Energy, Generation, to produce husk based products. All these factors will generate Rural employment, improve infrastructure facilities. In order to bring balance the urban and rural earnings and to bind the Rural and Urban entrepreneurs. All India Citizens Organisation also believes that Home for poor is Right and hence planning to take up with people support to construct houses for  Urban as well as Rural Poor. This is a unique program and Planning to Launch with healthy support.  I appreciate Mahendra for thinking in same lines and request them to support us in this just cause to take forward this cause to help Rural India  — Mail :

  • Jaina409

    mahindra helped provide shelters during the Bhuj earthquake to the rural poor. The design and use of materials were not at all sustainable. Provision of openings without any glazing, tiled roof without any insulation (vernacular has thatch roof which provided insulation reducing day time peaks in temperature during the day). 
    Temperatures in the new structure touch as high as 45 degree c. Horrendous mistake. They should have consulted sustainable architects.  I have visited the structures and done measurements and simulated the structure in building simulation tools. Embodied carbon and energy in the house is very high compared to the vernacular structures. The solution they provided was faulty and needed more maturity before execution. One might say – they atleast did something, well i say they put their money in structures which are faulty creating hostile living conditions for the poor.