Auto Enthusiasts Unite – Mahindra Auto Quotient

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: July 15, 2011

Auto Enthusiasts Unite – Mahindra Auto Quotient

At Mahindra, we pride ourselves on being a market leader in the automotive sector. Our vast in-house expertise and our emphasis on quality and innovation have transformed the way India builds its vehicles.

But we’re not the only auto enthusiasts around.

Cue Mahindra Auto Quotient, a quiz that brings India’s young auto lovers and engineers together to test their knowledge of everything auto-related. Over a period of six months, thousands of engineering students from around the country participate in a challenging series of written and live tests. Winners of the Mahindra AQ could win front-row tickets to the Geneva Motor Show, a chance to see dune racing in Dubai, or even a job at Mahindra.

But it’s more than just a competition. It’s a chance for auto enthusiasts to learn from each other, to swap ideas and, above all, to share in their passion for an industry that continues to rise.

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