The future of transportation: finding solutions for tomorrow’s world

Posted By: Pawan Goenka|Dated: February 25, 2014

The world is watching India to see whether we can rise into a global economic power. Can we spread our growth to include the whole country? Only if we can meet the need for sustainable transportation infrastructure.

The evolution of India’s transportation needs

India started out with a transportation handicap. The tight economic controls that bound our first 45 years held back the development of transportation industries and tangled plans for road systems and bridges. In 1991, India’s transformation from a near-closed economy to a fast-changing liberalizer unleashed thrilling economic growth.

With growth came the rise of new wealthy and middle classes, spurring demand for goods and services. Suddenly, corporate India urgently needed better transportation and infrastructure, from freight facilities to public transportation for commuting employees, and the newly prosperous wanted their own two wheelers and vehicles. The Indian automotive industry took off to meet the demands of both businesses and individuals.  Today, India is among the fastest growing automotive markets in the world.

The challenge now is to catch our infrastructure up to the demand—and the opportunity is to leapfrog the polluting industrial phase experienced in the Western world.  International studies have shown that road transport accounts for 16% of global manmade CO2 emissions.  As an automotive company, our responsibility is to manufacture vehicles that provide society with sustainable mobility.

But the challenge in India is more complex than inventing brilliant new technologies.  India faces issues in fuel infrastructure, road infrastructure, and price sensitivity.  We need to look at these holistically when we design solutions for tomorrow’s world.

One part of the solution is Government legislation to support the nascent sustainable transportation industry.  It was only in 1991 that the first stage emission norms came into force for petrol vehicles; norms for diesel vehicles were passed in 1992.  Today, we lag EU norms by about four years. We need more urgent regulations to drive improvement—and further incentives to nurture product development.

The Government is already discussing policies for fleet modernization and vehicle inspection and certification with SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers).  Government initiatives are also tackling the building and maintenance of better roads.  We need to pick up the pace of construction and think creatively about how to address urban-rural connectivity and urban congestion issues.

The Government is also enabling the spread of CNG and LPG infrastructure and offering custom duty benefits for CNG vehicle parts.  Many parts manufacturers make CNG/LPG fuel kits so that consumers can choose between diesel or petrol fuels and sustainable fuels.  As a result, there are more than 100,000 CNG commercial vehicles in Delhi and Mumbai.  In fact, Delhi has the largest number of CNG commercial vehicles running anywhere in the world.

Private companies need to do their part too, both to take full advantage of Government and market opportunities—and to create them.  Pressure for positive change from the industries that underpin India’s transformational economic growth can drive pro-environment legislation, increase government attention to infrastructure, and educate consumers about sustainable choices.

Take alternative energy vehicles as an example. Indian companies are investing in technology for hydrogen power-trains and biodiesel, hybrid, and BEV (Battery-operated Electric Vehicle) models.  The technology is available—now large-scale adoption depends on affordability, fuel availability, and infrastructure.  With the automotive industry eager, the Government is responding with both grants for R&D and incentives for consumers.  Battery-operated electric vehicles enjoy a zero excise tax and custom duty, and hybrid vehicles enjoy a lower excise rate of 8%. Departments like the Delhi Government and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) offer consumers’ incentives to purchase of electric vehicles.

But environmentally sustainable mobility won’t become financially sustainable until it is affordable without government subsidies. The best way to protect our planet is to make sustainable mobility affordable and relevant for the average consumer. As an auto manufacturer, it’s our job to help the green movement become a mass movement by putting green transportation options within the reach of all consumers.

What role do you think auto manufacturers should play?  Is the government doing enough?  Can consumers play a part in solving India’s transportation and infrastructure issues?


About the author:

Pawan Goenka

Pawan Goenka is President of the Automotive and Farm Equipment sectors of the Mahindra Group. He joined Mahindra in 1993, and he has been integral in spearheading the direction of Mahindra and Mahindra Automotive since. In April 2010, Pawan took on new responsibilities in leading the Farm Equipment sector. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur and a PhD from Cornell University, USA. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program. In 2011, he was named Automotive Man of the Year at the annual NDTV Car & Bike Awards.

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The views expressed above are those of the author, and not necessarily representative of the views of the Mahindra Group


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  • Sunder Ram

    In my opinion, more electric cars should come into the market…..People will start realising the importance of electric cars eventually…..we hav started to prefer diesel cars to petrol cars due to the increase in petrol prices….similarly, in short time, wen prices of diesel also go up…we will start realising the importance of electric ones….at that time, a little more subsidy from government will boost the sales of electric ones….

  • Sachin Kolate

    One option will be to motivate people not use their cars when its really not necessary like we can avoid using cars to go to office and can use the Company transportation instead of that. This will at least reduce the flow of traffic in Office Timings. So using Public Transportation whenever possible can be a good option.

  • manoj mittal

    if you are serious on this issue take one hard decission stop making the three wheelar in any type they are a big hurdle in space age traffic and make couraption on road they use all lane of road by his own need no traffic rules for him then what is the need of three wheelar make four wheelar in cheap price

  • chunch

    Online work should b promoted, eg. scanning the hardcopies & sending to employees wid to-do list. after working his work he can send digital file through internet.. more two wheelers should b used, i hve seen mostly that 1-2 person sit inside the car, Just for Air-Conditioners & luxury (also somewhere for reputation) where 4 people can b accomodated. other alternative is to use wind energy when car is running. mostly cars speed is 40+ kmph, v can use this speed of air(relative to car) to generate electricity and attach it to the battery of car , so along with petrol , air also charge car battery.. 

  • Gautam

    Have you noticed people travel for Job…to and fro…why cant we generate Job exchange programme where in I work near my place instead people from long distance..come near my work place..if we both are same category people with similar work capacity exchange the job..both need to travel less and save time on travel..better for both of us.. and saving load on transport..saving money..and more productive..less fatigue ..less pollution…may be walking distance for better health..and add on add on add..on..Mitually and Financially banifit to employer and employee ..Totally four of us are the beneficiary..  IDEA CALL JOB EXCHANGE 

  • Chandra_gupta

    Mass transport system is only solution to stop such issue.. See the Delhi mtero How it helping mass in NCR..but there are still some issue..metro trains are not enough, More Metro lines needs to be introduced. it needs to reach out some more area to cover almost all part of NCR and then see the impact..

  • Kamalraja Sugumar

    Few points :

    1) Car pooling
    2) Working from home
    3) Using public transport (Metro, MRTS, Suburban trains, Bus)
    4) Infrastructure improvements in the city  (Express ways, Flyovers)
    5) Developments outside city (SEZ near under developed towns)

  • Rama Rao

    As the people increase, need will increase for more transport facility causing more damage to environment by current quality of the facilities. For a helathy economy and environment we can neither discourage growth
    of automobiles nor afford increase in pollution butit shall be balanced.
    Below points can be considered for achieving the same.
    1. Go green initiatives shall be widely publicised.
    2. ‘Congestion charge’ shall be applied to all who are commuting ‘single’ in a car in major cities. This shall be charged once a day (Around Rs.25/day) and shall be valid for that day.
    To avoid dependency on people it can be automated by usage of mobile phones or even a chip that can be attached in the Regn card for sending a SMS for charging congestion charge for that day, by the car user. It can be monitored by BAU process of traffic police for verifying the vehicle documents and if cops found any one commuting single and not paying congestion charge for that day, he can be penalised like they do in other cases.
    3. Govt shall encourage universities to do more research on alternate fuel usage in automobile sector.
    4. Govt shall make it mandatory for automobile owners to procure carbon points, individually – by planting trees personally, donating to the tree plantation schemes of NGO’s, Participating in organic cultivation, etc.

  • Uma.S

    We need to go in for other means of transportation like Trams.This will reduce traffic to a great extent. But the people should have the mentality to use public transport instead of private one.

    The best option is to utilise transportation through rivers in India.this is possible if the rivers are linked together.

  • Prasadsant

    Most important thing is to have very good public transport which willl discourage people using personal vehicle every time. e.g. country like Japan have so good infrastructure & public transport people makes commutation economical, polution free & controlled traffic.

    • Prafull Chalak

      I am totally agree Prasad. Better public transport facility can only reduce the usage of personalized vehicles. E.g Delhi Metro. Initially people were very much excited to use metro but failure of system during peak hours has started declining its popularity. Sudden shut downs, slow moving trains, crowded compartments, long queues for ticketing going to harm Delhi metro reputation.   

  • Sarika

    A rich well woven network of common transportation for the public targeting the working sector can serve as a good solution.
    The Real estate Giants can be collaborated with and dedicated society buses can be scheduled covering an area with a pool of registered societies. This will reduce a 40% reduction in the private vehicles on road for a 70% certainity. In addition this will impact the lesser consumption of fuel resulting in a profound macroeconomic impact in addition to the ease on the pressure of depleting oil resources.

  • Vijayalakshmi Venkateshan

    The government has to think on improvement of infrastructure………..

  • Karthink2

    To over come with Global warming, Pollution,  Traffic  problems in the Cities, Industries should spread to across all other small cities and towns…..same time we have to do R ^&D on getting better technology which is not going to harm Future generations. 1st of all we should kill Corrupted  politicians and Industrialists, because of these people our nation is not developing . 

  • Rishabh Sankhala

    This contents are so much useful and pressurize us to think that what the change require in india is? 

  • Rahul Vchandran

    The concept of using public transportation over is going to take a long period for people to adapt to. It will definitely decrease the use of fossil fuels and reduce traffic as well. But at the same time if we adopt the tehnology of electric cars,we would be able to achieve identical
    Power as that of a combustion engine and of will also give us flexibility in our transportation interests. However the major problem we face about electric cars is to connect with the power grid. There is a solution for this. I have found such a system of potable charging for automobiles as part of my peoject.

  • Ramakria

    Dear Pawn Goenka

    I think best option for Both Mahindra Group and Poeple of India is to ask Central Govt to come out with a pro policy in setting up Electric Car Infrastructutre in and around like NEW DELHI satellite towns like
    Noida,Gurgoan etc

    REVA can be priced and promoted to the CITY dwellers
    MAHINDRA can then putting in place in all existing PETROL STATIONS(GAS STATIONS) ,,ELECTRIC batteries(recharging points )
    It can also TAP into the existing Dealers network as well – Train them ,,supply them with ELECTRIC CAR BAtteries etc

    this PILOT basis initiative can be used as a study and loopback to garner all opinions and shortcomings ,,once u get it right

    Spread it to PUNE – MUMBAI corridor
    Jaipur etc

    In that way POLLUTION will come down
    Jobs will be created
    New age ELECTRIC CAR infrastructure will be created

    so best option is to meet Ministry of Road Trasnport and discuss POLICY initiatives

    May be TATAS ,,MAHINDRAS ,MUNJALS(HERO HONDA) ,RELIANCE all can come together and pool in some money towrds this inititaive

    By the way what happened to ISRO plus TATAS tie up for HYDROGEN BUS ?any ideas

    • Ramakria

      Best thing do is
      Mr Pawan Goenka and sri Anand Mahindra and other Executives goto ISREAL and I have seen a Programm called DATELINE – Where they showed how ISREALI GOVT and an expat Isreali SAP consultant have joined hands to spur E;ECTRIC CAR INFRASTRUCTURE

      They adopted Space Shuttle Technology(Robotics ) to automatically control dropping the USED ELECTRIC CAR battery and replace it with a Fresh battery ,,all done using electronic control and Robotics

      they have also mapped all Recharge points and control them through a Control Centre

      so it is worth taking a look (I believe they also have a stadium ,,where they screen a film to BBC ,,CNN reportes and have Q and A sessions as well)

      so i request sri Anand Mahindra plus sri Pawan Goenka – goto ISREAL and get the first hand experience ,,even better take some R and D engineers from Mahindra
      come back and see what we can do in India
      worth a look

    • Suraj Shah

      Hi! very interesting suggestions may be you can get in touch with me – Suraj Shah 9810596513 

  • Sachin Zakarde Sz Speed

    1st to develop good infrastructure than solve the problem of transportation……..

  • Heera Lal

    Areed with comment. If not taken care now we will face same situation as DC. 

  • Sunil Kumar

    I would like to Start with Auto


    Auto Manuf: I think they
    are always trying to Launch best in market with less pollution, Higher Mileage and alternate Fuel source technology. All this will take time. So i think there
    is not much scope to do extra (immediately) as they are already doing R&D.


    Government: Government is
    failed to provide the
    better infrastructure in comparison of vehicle increasing
    on roads. Government must taken the auto Production rate & analyse with present infrastructure&
    need planing for future vehicles very  actively.


    we will see in basic our system is corrupt. Person who don’t know the driving
    can easily get the license & comes on road and create the traffic jam on highway or busy
    road. We need more driving school to educate the upcoming
    drive & aware about the traffic system.Government
    need to telecast the informational adds about traffic control system means what
    to do or not do. Better road sign & signal to avoid confusion & fuel consumption.

    Government is not able to provide the better infrastructure at least they can provide better quality/ timely repaired roads


    Mainly Govt need to increase a good public transport system & encourage People to use the same.

    comparison of other country our road utilization are very less. Example. In other
    country, in one minute 200 vehicles pass & our hardly 30 on same width of road. So we need to increase
    speed (in a safe way). Our today’s vehicle are very good controls in compare to old.


    Consumers: We are the all
    last user and I hope most responsible for pollution.

    have so much show off about over social status and using much bigger size as we
    reuired for commuting or daily use. We are not likes Car pool & wants to use self

    of us are not aware about traffic system &  disturb the traffic rhythm and causing the traffic jam. We need to
    maintain our vechile timley otherwise it will increase the fuel consumption & poulation.

    should avoid the highway & heavy traffic roads. We need to show patience while
    pick up & drop, need vehicle shop at road
    side not between the road.


    All these causes are interlinked & need to improve by every ones responsibility.
    are the some my basic point to handle the traffic system. I think writing here
    will be too long.



  • Akshay Inamdar

    There is huge debate , as if the Govt plans for huge infrastructure and want to transfer the surrounding land as SEZ , and the local farmers deny its action … So who we should lend our hand on who’s side ,  Nations backbone farmers or Our future plans …. there must be understanding between both the commodities than only we can look foreword and build our economy ….!

  • Vishal Kamath

    Pavan, In bangalore every month 4th is observed as BUS DAY(if it falls on holiday the next day is observed as bus day) where in all the people are encouraged to use the bus to commute to office.This will indirectly increase the revenue of the state transportation company and reduce the co2 level as well as traffic log-jams. However to do this, bus facility should be good. BMTC stands as one of these role models for us by winning lot of accolades. It also has the record for making profits consistently for years and is one of the few public sector undertakings in Asia to make profits!

  • Bobby Agarwal

    It is never too late to think about the future. While it is important to decongest the cities, it is equally important to have a future planning in place while building the infrastructure. Most of the current problems are a result of this poor planning in the past and as we speak now.

    Having said that, the most quickest and effective way to solve the current problem is by way of effective management of current infrastructure. Suggestions are all good below, more and better public transport, MRT, electric vehicles etc but finally on road everybody is in a race to go ahead of the other vehicle and it is no less than a WAR, who overtakes whom. Effective management of existing resource would mean a proper lane system, strict traffic rules in place, better city wide centralized traffic signal management, profiling the heavy traffic areas and timings and traffic management accordingly. And mind you, these are not just ideas in the air, they are currently being effectively used in many developed and developing countries. I hope someone is taking a clue !
    The other important aspect is the accountability of Town and Planning deptt., today one or the other dept or pvt agency digs the road mercilessly to lay down some pipes, cabling etc and never bother to bring back the roads to their original shape. Eventually this adds to other traffic problems, which is very evident in India.

    My final remarks are, 1) Effective use of existing infra 2) Keep future planning in mind while trying to fix current problems 3) Future planning itself (why not build new cities?)

  • Pan_accet

    Government must take the action over poverty then we improve the transportation facility in India.


  • Sijomon M I

    vehicles make as loding capacity gear. ie, more time mens used vehicles for single use but the fuel usage is same as minimum capacity.I think to change the gear with only the stages of waight.Then the engine working will controlled and minimize the polution and engine damages and fuel usage.Then the road maintenence change as full side drainage and the tarring mix layer increese and full tar give goverment and check the tarring capacity.

  • Sudhir josheph

              Pavan ji – For fast development, a person needs his own vehicle so that he or she can move immediately on requirement, with fast speed, safely, conveniently,economically and most important is independently.All these requirements are not possible in public Transport, except economy.To fulfill all above needs of a person in India, we need very small two seat vehicles with full luxury, safety, economy & Eco friendly.without using petrol or diesel fuels. 
             Solution is Electrically powered vehicle.It may be powered by chargeable batteries.One more opiton to electrically powered a vehicle is, powered a vehicle with heavy duty helical sprigs (similar to helical springs of  toys). Helical spring can be tightened with Electric motors. In this way electric power can be stored in the form of mechanical energy & it is required to design that a vehicle can run with this mechanical energy up to a distance of 50Kms .Possibility of this option may be studied after making a working model of this concept.This concept fulfills all above requirements.Hence, it may be consider for study of possibility please. 

  • Sudhir Jaiswal

    Dear Sir,we should not depend on bullshit govt. pl. plan corporate level to manage this problem and RISE we as well India…..

    Sudhir Jaiswal

  • Puneet Sachdeva

    My eyes are twinkling.. Reading a Blog like this from one of India’s leading Corporates…well even though in a personal perspective. Commendable. As I ride through The country on a motor bike .. I see change manifested.. yet opportunities for improvement… Here is an example of Efficient India.. that will get extrapolated to more Environment Friendly India if there are lesser pot holes on roads.

  • Suresh Purohit Su_hit

    It’s time to educate citizens about better usage of infrastructure, vehicles and fuel. The fuel is the scarce resource, we must consume and conserve it wisely. Parallel Transportation in the form of vehicle sharing or carpool or bikepool must be promoted.

  • Arun Abishek

    One Futuristic approach that i would suggest is that taking transportation to the skies. think of a one manned personal helicopter.. imagine flying yourself to office, rather ending yourself in traffic  

  • Suraj Gangber

    Sir ,
    Its true that our Delhi has ;largest fleet of CNG vehicles, but its just doesn’t solve the issue . This vehicles also need proper maintenance,also problem of CNG filling station can be seem . long queue covering the whole road.   At first of all we have change the social barrier , which are stopping the citizens of any class from using the public vehicles, We have make them to understood  the whole chain , that how its is going to work from all view . 

  • Dinesh Rajdev

    This is for persons travelling from Borivali to Churchgate.Particularly in morning peak hours there is big rush in
    local trains between Borivali to Andheri.To ease this if BEST runs double deckers during this morning hours, starting from Borivali Stn stoping only at Kandivali Stnstop -Malad Stnstop-GoregaonStnStop-JogeshwariStnStop-Finally Andher Stn.Stop.This will help people who want to go to these inbetween stations. to avoid the train rush.This BEST service can be for Monthly Pass holders only so no tickiting hessels for conductor.As the bus stops at five stops only turnover time for the trip to & from  Andheri will be less & more rounds will be possible.As we can not think to get extra tracks/trains immediatly this experiment by BEST is worth to look into.

  • Anil Kumar Cheeta

    I have developed an entirely new kind of Fuel as replacement of petrol. This out-of-the-box fuel is going to be the Game-Changer of the century. I am preparing patent papers currently to be filed at USPTO. 

  • Satbir Singh

    Solutions are many just like strict the use of only CNG Auto’s (which plays most important role in pollution as they are many in numbers)….Next, ask peoples to go with electric driven vehicles …moreover the automobile majors should bring down the price of such vehicles so that one can afford it..As I already said the main thing here stands is we the people should follow the same….To be frank, we can’t expect from Government…Advertise and marketing of this will surely build and bring awareness among citizens..  

  • Brijesh88kidj

    weldome boss.

  • Daygloindia

    in Mumbai bad roads,bridges are main culprit & in busy hours bmc most corrupt & disorganized public undertaking does work in rush hours instead of night time 

  • Anish

    Government can subsidize hybrid and electric vehicles thereby making them more affordable to the public. Also good transport infrastructure will greatly reduce pollution.

  • Lagadapati Vijaykiran


  • VJ – NITKkr

    Mahindra could launch bicycles – with lightweight components. It can distribute them in the villages to serve the purpose of rural empowerment. Imagine women entrepreneurial cases associated with such cycles. University Students can be motivated to ride ‘stylish’ ‘Mahindra’ bicycles! (control urban traffic chaos).

  • manoj kumar mittal

    Gramin Sewa three wheelar autos in delhi rohini under the metro line are a pain on
    roads. They stop suddenly anywhere in the middle of the road for
    passengers, they drive with door open and their conductor sitting on it,
    they overtake in speed and have no sense of traffic. Their behavior is
    ridiculous and even worst than the blue line buses. Please do something
    about them, they have ruined and disturbed the whole traffic discipline.
    There was some relief when blue line buses were discontinued, but now
    its all the same after these autos started.

  • Amit Sengupta

    Tomorrow’s solution can only be embedded in an all inclusive habitat planning. Transport problem in isolation is not what requires attention today for life 20 / 30 or 50 years hence. Govt. needs to plan out creation of new habitats – clearly identified place of living, place of work including industries, education. health care and so on within easy reach. A good public transport system will lead to enormous savings in costs, eco system, leisure time. Several such clusters have to be linked up for additional mobility.
    Think it – why do we, the Indians move around - I guess >95% of our aggregate mobile time is spent after earning our daily bread and so the travel distances have to be cut down, irrespective of all possible tech break-thru’s.
    Govts. are creating SEZ-s, Software Parks etc.- all in isolation. The powers that be need a wider vision for quality improvement of living, in a situtaion where in all resources can only get scarcer.

  • Globalgandhi

    People should STOP BUYING CARS …. India cannot take it! Public transport and bicycles should be the means of transport in cities. Small electric cars should be allowed to be used by senior citizens and physically challenged people. Buses should be increased, made comfortable. People should be permitted to take their cars out only on Sundays. For example, 80 to 90% commuters in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc use public transport – so why are the roads so crowded with traffic snarls?

    • N.Ravichandrababu

      to reach traffic problems there need to cable cars to be use in multi storied lines to reduce traffic problems as well as they shall powered with electricity like in electric trains to reduce pollution

  • Vikrant Dhoke

     Unable to complete submision of a project. Stuck at media upload page.

    I want to work on PRT systems -  a solution to solve the traffic problems while providing a comfort travel just like your favorite car.

  • Munira_am

    I would like to start a project of Car Pooling in big way. Guys please do vote for me on this website. Project Vehicle Pooling.

  • Suresh Purohit Su_hit

    94% pollutants in transport segment are emitted by road-transport alone in India. It’s time to implement new policies, take actions to address the matter. Suresh

  • Manoj Mittal please cheak this link for your champion three wheelar effect on world class delhi roads and you people talk for the transport sudhar

  • Manoj Mittal
  • Ajay_agg

    Freak Idea on the energy solution – since hydrogen is lighter , input the compressed hydrogen on the roof cabinet of the vehicle , this’ll reduce the total weight of the vehicle and reduce energy consumption

  • Ajay_agg

    make it mandatory for the office timings to start by each areas at a difference of 30 min, vehicular traffic would get spread   

  • Ajay_agg

    for mass rapid , block 1-2 compartments at a high price , comparable to taxi rates, some of the commuters want to use the mass rapid transport for because of rush they are not able to use ..or auction the seats in advance and so that users could block and the service provider also earns higher amt 

  • Akjha

    In metro cities and other big cities, affluent and car crazy people keep more than one vehicle and relates it to their status symbol.Norm/law for keeping  maximum one vehicle per family or per person,except for commercial purpose, should be made.If it is not possible, provision of heavy taxation for additional vehicles should be made to discourage the practice of buying more vehicles than required.

  • Soumayan Msit

    we should have a very good transit system in every city which will be a pro planet i.e eco freindly and have sustainable features and will run on clean energy.the government and private sector should cooperate to make a pollution free India.and underground metro is a good option as it can straight away decrease traffic to a great extent

  • Sarru

    1.First improve the infrastructure by the government.
    2.Convince the employees to come in the company buses,so that private usage of vehicles will be decreased.
    3.Rural development.

  • Vijayakumar Ramakrishnan

    In our country many patients are not reaching hospital on time during emergency.  This is due to traffice problem faced across metros.  Most of the signals are not showing a go ahead when ambulance are standing behind many vehicles.  If the the ambulance vehicles are synchronized with traffic signals it would help to clear the vehicles which are lined up before the ambulance.  This could be implemented by electro magnetic waves.  Through this ambulance would be able to cross the signals much easier and faster than the existing model so that the patients could reach faster and on time.

  • R Hariharan

    Large companeis like M&M should undertake large road building projects.  Most projects are self-financing through tolls.  Companeis should take the initiative of identifying the ‘potential’ project and tell the State government is willingness to complete the project without any assistance from the Govt.  Particularly states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan  are planning huge expansions of road and are willing to take the initiative if offered by companies. Even Kerala West Bengal  and Andhra are joining he bandwagen of ‘development’.  This is good opportunity for pro-active company like M&M.

  • R Hariharan

    Large companeis like M&M should undertake large road building projects.  Most projects are self-financing through tolls.  Companeis should take the initiative of identifying the ‘potential’ project and tell the State government is willingness to complete the project without any assistance from the Govt.  Particularly states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan  are planning huge expansions of road and are willing to take the initiative if offered by companies. Even Kerala West Bengal  and Andhra are joining he bandwagen of ‘development’.  This is good opportunity for pro-active company like M&M.

  • Abhishek Rai

    Electric vehicles do have a upper hand when we talk about environment. We should learn from the mistakes that developed nations did and should ponder if Electric Vehicle is the option then what we can do. I am on it. What about you?
    See this page on facebook regarding Electric Vehicle:!/pages/Optimized-Model-of-Electric-Vehicle/112185228886685

  • andy appan

    200 KMPH  CAR, TRUCK 
    300 KMPH TRAIN
    330 KNOTS  SHIP 10 X POWER

  • Rizvi Arabsha

    I feel very interesting in this discussion forum……
    Basically a n Gandhian person, I believe in,”Be the change you want to see in the world”.

    I never appreciate complaining and blaming others, So my point is no need to blame government or complain about pollution and traffic to them, ITS WASTE OF TIME.

    If you feel difficult surviving the traffic better take public transport (I hope even Mr.Pavan Goenka is not ready to use public transport)….
    If you want to save the world from Air pollution then use bicycles or walk on yo own foot to mobilize…

    Present mantra to survive is,”To achieve something, You ve to lose something”.

    So we formed up a team and started to think for a solution to overcome mainly two problems-TRAFFIC and POLLUTION.

    Only solution is to bring some in the current commercial passengers vehicle culture.
    CAR- 4passengers
    BIKE- 3passengers

    We designed a vehicle that can fit totally 3passengers but in size of a bike.
    It will be very compact that people can survive the traffic easily with the comfort of a car.

    I couldnt explain more about our project so i request you to click this link.

  • Sushil Sharma


    Start morning and evening shift of educational institutes/ business
    sectors/ judiciary court, which will divert traffic crowd in different time
    zone and improve traffic speed plus reduce pollution.

    Increase metro train at sort frequency with more coach capacity
    more important improve frequent battery operated and better quality shuttle
    facility for metro passenger in between home, office and market place. Promote vehicle
    pull clubs.

    Adopt unique traffic divert technique to wipe off red light, speed
    breaker and stop use of on road barricades.

    Improve advance multistory parking system in commercial areas,
    introduce battery  self operated shuttle
    cycle and trolley for shopper and shop owner in busy market if parking area at
    distance ban footpath vender as well as encroachments of footpath by shop owners.
    Beside this start community parking in residential area and allowed under
    ground & rooftop parking most import stop front of residence parking.

    Use advance surveillance technology to monitor smooth running of
    traffics in metros like: catch red light jumper, divert traffic during pick
    hours due to an emergency like accident, water blockage, VIP movement, catch
    the criminals on road etc.

    Introduce low cost hybrid vehicles to be powered by internal
    combustion engine run by LPG, Provide helicopters services to VIP movement,
    lift on road brake down vehicles form traffics jam and catch & follow the
    criminals on road etc.

    Improve CNG filling station and maintain proper gas pressure to
    avoid refill again and again due to lack of gas it’s also discard to self drive
    executives, cever pipe cleaning process must be upgraded to remove rain water
    blockage during rainy season.

    Start microchip installation (lifetime activate) in the vehicles
    by manufacturer and multilevel online vehicles registration as well as free
    access info system to stop vehicles thefts, frauds, monitor vehicles to stop
    criminal activities, catch traffic rule offenders, improve quality of driving
    besides safety of women on road.

  • andy appan


    Engine, Andy Bearing, Jet

    * 1/3
    Fuel / HP, Double Speed for Same Ton-HP 

    * 33
    % Co2e. 66 % CER

    360  kmpl Bike, 60 kmpl Car 2t,  30 kmpl Truck 15 T

    * 600
    , 1200  kmph  Bullet 
    Train- No Rail

    330, 660 knots  Ship  50,000 GRT / 330 knt=1.5 MnT/11 knt

    * 1/3
    Fuel / MW  Power Plant. CER 3356 /MW/yr

    * CSP  Solar Thermal Power Plant  Double Efficient

    V C
    Fund 2 mn$ 2 yrs. Truck+Ship 100 T/330 knt

    Andy Appan, M E, 45 Yrs Expert


  • andy appan

    VC FUND 2 Mn$ 2 Yrs

  • soumya chatterjee

    In high traffic area, moving sidewalk will be a great idea to implement. It will reduce congestion, reduce pollution and enable moving around much easier. Financing this will be a problem due to multiple entry exit points.

  • Aneesh Naik Koruvail

    one family one car….. india will RISE in world…

  • Jaydev Pandya

    Even we can use GPS based vehicle tracking and fleet management for public transportation,which makes public transportation more efficient with reduced cost.Where we can use passenger information system at bus stop and can show the exact status of the bus on which minute it will be arrived

  • Utpal Mistry




    - A Separate Rixa Rapid Road Transport System
    Design:  by UTPAL MISTRY –


    Existing infrastructure is enough as these
    sides of the road are either paved footpaths or service roads or are parked by
    illegal commuters.


    This just wide Road of size of 1 & ½ of
    the Rixa Width, can serve the purpose for this Lane. The Lane should be marked
    differently with a special Raised Footpath- A small 6 – 12 “ rise to block any
    Rixa crossing and coming  in the Main
    Lane ….and Other Fast Moving Cars & Bike to Enter into Rixa Lane… One
    Rixa Can’t overtake other till a wide Road comes at every 1 km , where overtake
    is allowed increasing the overall Road for the Main Transport. . Public can
    either walk or wait for Rixa on this paved Footpath of Rixa Lane . The shops on
    side of the roads will have point to point transport system , so better
    business for them. Rixa’s Nonsense and Nuisance will be over – as they mostly
    contribute towards disobedient traffic.


    Original Traffic Area
    at Majuragate – Surat


    India is a country where Auto-Rixa is an integral & most
    vital yet economical part of our transport system for point to point transport.
    Whether you like it or not , it is perhaps the best mode of transport for urban
    and even modern city areas.

    Instead of dedicating a full-fledge very wide Bus road of
    BRTS, I suggest just enough wide road (Double the width of a Rixa) on both side
    of the Main Road,which can hardly occupy a 10 feets on either side. At
    junctions near to 200 meters , this Road widens by say 2 to 3 feet further for
    allowing overtaking , while on most of the stretch of the road , one Rixa
    cannot overtake other. Slow moving traffic like Bicycles are also included in
    this Road.

    Fast moving vehicles like 4 Wheel Drives , Cars  and 2 Wheelers – Scooters and Bikes are
    allowed on the main wide Road.

    This will have following advantages

    The Side of the road , which is normally flocked
    & flooded with illegal parking and Carts will be compulsory freed up for
    this cause, without any extra pressure

    The shops on side of the roads will have point
    to point transport system , so better business for them

    They have to provide parking space in their
    existing setup or have to hire a parking space given by municipal government,
    rising income for government.

    Existing infrastructure is enough as this sides
    of the road are either paved footpaths or service roads or are parked by
    illegal commuters

    Elderly people can immediately go from point to
    point and do not have to search for Rixa as the foot path for this transport
    goes parallel to this Rixa Road

    Rixa’s Nonsense and Nuisance will be over – as
    they mostly contribute towards disobedient traffic

    BRTS is a costly project – It serves the purpose
    but at the same time is time consuming and road consuming project….At the same
    time , the road remains quite unused for lot of time as this is only for Bus.

    Rixa can’t be avoided even if we desire so…The
    same can be seen in Mumbai where Rixa have been stopped after Bandra …but that
    can’t happen in Surat

    Looking at the progress of Surat and looking at
    its potential , perhaps this possibility can’t be overlooked

    Overall cost of the project is very low and can
    give additional advantages to Public and Municipal corporations as the Traffic
    on sides of the road will give rise to paid parking for SMC and free space for
    Rixa and for general commuters.



  • Dilip Pandit

    TRANSPORTATION : In India we have for “Public Transport” a simple Bicycle to Mopeds to Scooters to Three seater Auto Rikshaws to four seater cars and so on.But for “transportation of goods” in major cities there is nothing below a Goods Auto.
    40 years back in cities like Hyderabad, we had Cycle Rikshaws for transporting small articles In Pune we had Human Pull-Carts. Cities were small. Not more than 6 to 7 Kms  of transportation were required. In last 40 years cities have become big a need of transporting small goods to 40 to 50 kms across the city has become a challenge. With petrol prices going up and up transportation  of small is becoming exhorbitantly costly.I sold my old TV to a person for Rs 800/- but to transport that TV to his home some 8 Kms away from my house an Auto Rikshaw demanded Rs 200/-. With no alternative people are forced to use their two Wheelers as Goods vehicle.

    SOLUTION ; When I was a Kinetic Honda Dealer ( Crown Enterprises, Zaheerabad, Dist Medak, A.P.)
    We had modified some Kinetic Honda Scooters into Three Wheeler Scooters for Physically Challenged persons. Similar three wheeler Scooters can be manufactured in two or three varients.

    1. Single seater with a Box to carry goods

    2 Single Front seat with a Reverse Seat similar to Horse Tonga. This arrangement will be more suitable to very old persons who feel very insecure to seat at the back seat of a two wheeler. A safety bar just as the one in Merry go round will provide more security. 

    3. Single seater with Water Tank fitted at the rear to transport potable water to remote areas.

    In absence of such a cheap transportation People are forced to use or rather misuse their two WheelersTwo wheelers are overloaded with heavy goods by risking their own lives as well as that of other Road users.

    The space below the Goods Carrying Box or the reverse passenger seat could be used for CNG Tank.For carrying  small loads in big factory this Three Wheeler Scooter could be powered by Batteries.

  • Green Initative

    One of the fundamental drawbacks of the IC piston engine, whether spark OR diesel is the need for linear to rotary conversion.  It was Archimedes who first said:” Give me a place to stand and a lever that is long enough and I will move the world!”  In the IC piston engine the lever (crank throw)  needed for linear to rotary conversion is tiny, less than half the length of the bore/stroke. So with an engine with a 80mm bore the lever length  (crank throw) would be only 40mm or about 1.24 ins., further because the angle at which the connecting rod applies power to the crankshaft is constantl6y varying as it descends down the cylinder it is never at 90 degrees. This results in a huge reduction in power. For instance if  force exerted on the piston head after ignition is about 35Kg/cm^^2 in the Alto this would result in a total force on the piston of about 1160 Kgf, yet torque generated is only about 56 Nm. If the lever had been 25 cms and 30 cms respectively the torque generated would be 2902 Nm and 3408 Nm respectively (approx.)  That is a huge difference and THAT fundamentally is what is wrong with our IC engine cars today.

  • Samir Vaity

    Alternative energy vehicles is a very good idea. But in India these vehicle can be very expensive eg. Toyota Prius, Reva. Instead India should look forward to Narrow track vehicles ie. the vehicles that are really very small. One example is the THREE WHEELED SCOOTER WITH A ROOF TO PROTECT from heat, rains, etc. These vehicles can be cheaper than the smallest car available in India and are also very fuel efficient. They can also help reduce the traffic congestion.

  • Dhoke V

    POD cars is the way to go. This is the only long term solution.

  • Jasbirtagger


  • Suresh Vadlamudi

    I would suggest Gujarat’s – BRTS transport model for Metro cities. The challenge of Metro cities is lack of mobility for Public transport. If we follow Gujurat system of transport which is very cost effective and has easy maintence than the metro train system which has high cost factors involved.

  • Sushils Sharma

    A New u-turn method to avoid red light and small underway
    and light weight narrow over bridge for pedestrian in the metro can be solve
    maximum cause of traffic jams , avoid road rage cases and stop fuel wastage to save
    environment as well as reduce driving time of daily vehicle driver which will indirectly
    save their money & time. 

  • kamalendu singh

    To monitor traffic and to think about a solution,you should know the traffic itself,and the first and really acceptable solution that i can think of is to let us know ,how much time this traffic will take to clear once trapped in traffic,if you agrre to that,i have a solution already that i can present .

  • Pradeep Gohil

    http://www.Pickup.App (under construction) mobile GPS and transport sharing utility application innovation we will offer partnership buying to all auto industry and every public, private and government vehicle owner and our product and services end user will enable through our Eco journey transport related masses &live transportation services and sharing application data entry like cab, taxi, Buses, railway, private 2/4 vehicles auto rickshaws, bull and hand cart owners and have to participate our joint venture of transportation sharing information in mobile with GPS systems will serve mobile based map and live transportation information when arrive/ dispatcher timing fix with hire vacant seat and goods carrier which vehicle location is near route to catch point of vehicle
    We will offer to every new vehicle owner will get largest buying potential though our joint venture of monthly bank EMI lowest coast and less burden of recovery by our (joint partnership half prize vehicle purchase agreement ) will support to every automobiles industry will increase sale and driver job& skill through our equal transportation for everyone policy every common masses will buying our new eco systems modifying design will helpful to every auto industry and common masses will get lowest cost EMI with extra earning by drivers job and vehicle transport sharing charges invention for ecosystems transportation initiated some changes with modifying all type all kind of private/government vehicle /bike roof carrier/vacant seat/double decker’s busses top upper side for all India metro city Urban to operate/informing though mobile Eco friendly Traffic Map &Transport systems Project
    Courier cum Tiffin Supply with BEST busses & stop ,taxi man, auto Rickshaw, bull kart and privet two wheeler motor bike hire for profitable sharing service for metro cites traffic/parking support with(satellite GSM system for India metro cities

  • szask

    Thinking out of the box.
    In most crowded areas, it is not possible to have infrastructure or scope for widening road. So the only place which can be utilised is the space above.
    1.Use large crane(The ones used in construction) network to carry loads of cars/bikes/people to the other side. On cross road, U turns. bottlenecks.
    2. A guided hot air balloons which has tracks. The bucket is attached to light track. These tracks are high over the roads. Imagine you are going in a hot air balloon. below is a traffic jam. hmm, makes some sense :) .

    Great ideas always sound weird initially. Hope many of you find mine weird too ;)

  • Bala Jothi

    The best option according to me would be the following

    1) identify all the most used, most connected and well established roads in all metro cities first.
    2) split the roads into lanes with separate and specialized lanes for bicyclers and pedestrians and also very high number of bus stops increasing the frequency and enabling easy access to numerous places.
    3) now assign a separate lane for private cars and motorcyclist and another lane for buses (both private & government run). and adding tolls at important lanes only for private cars .
    4) modernizing and improving quality of public transport system with scheduled maintenance making it the most clean safe and viable mode of transport .

    these steps if taken over a period of 5 years then our country would be on the path to a better tomorrow on a rapid pace .

  • Nidamanuru Ravichandrababu

    to reach traffic problems there need to cable cars to be use in multi storied lines to reduce traffic problems as well as they shall powered with electricity like in electric trains to reduce pollution

  • Andy Appan

    electric is not the end of transport
    air motor is better than EV, High Brid
    60 % cost [ cc,rc]

  • Andy Appan

    train transport co2e 2.32 g/t-km
    300 % speed on rail
    433 % speed on ground by
    for the same ton-hp
    andy tecnology

  • Andy Appan

    fast shipping 330, 660 knots
    co2e 1.55 g/t-km
    360 days task is done in 12 days
    cross country shipping saves 40,000 km travel
    ROI= 1080 % inv 20 bn$ getback 40 bn$ in 3 yrs

  • maneeshdhauni

    Polyroad development of india for video see youtube.

    Today road is source of development in the country. Any isolated village, city, country can progress and develop in worldly pleasures only when it has connectivity. Our rural area, hill and mountain valleys, forests area and far deccan plateau. No doubt Government is fighting hard to develop the connectivity and increase the peoples help in these isolated area. But still it need large scale volunteer public participation to do so.

    On other hand, there need to be benefit of the public in development of the road too. After road, there is always the development and profits of the mankind.

    The topic polyroad development of Country deals with very topic to motivate the Indian to develop road and contribute to development of the country.

    Well, then what is polyroad and how and why people will contribute to development of the road for the country. Since it occupy your land and no benefit to you. Here polyroad is helpful to public participation also.

    To understand polyroad and its benefits, first understand difference between multiplex and normal single theather.


    In multiplex you have option of watching more than one movies if desired movie is housefull to watch. Also you have option to roam and do shopping or have a meal in the multiplex. Same is not the case with single theater. Also cost recovery with multiplex is fast compared to single theater.

    Polyroad. : Like multiplex, polyroad too have many option. While development of road, mother infrastructure company should develop underground beneath road, and sideway one can develop following–

    Shopping mall.


    Parking space

    Coffe house

    Even and why not small offices

    Further like double decker bus, road should be also more than one floors and each floor should be allocated to vehicals.

    Ground floor road for heavy vehicles

    First floor for medium fast vehicles.

    Second floor or top floor for high speed vehicles.

    The underground and side line of the road should be utilize for making other marketing developments. SO there are huge benefits of the making road. As the distance increases, the benefits also increases . Also in the country like india very land is very precious for poor peoples and farmer, development of road with sideline market will be many helpful for economic growth.

    Further road can be developed underground through farms land and river for more and more profits

  • Chhavinder Lamba

    Few suggestions to improve transportation in India.

    1. Instead of Toll Plazas give a square piece shape kind of semi plastic card which should be sticky in nature and to be put on center of the front windshield and it should contains a chip which can be read by satellite or GPS system to cut the toll of the passing vehicle from one state to another, give it a name as Toll card. It should be renewable online, whenever a vehicle pass from one point to another it should send sms to customer phone registered with vehicle registration. If anyone tries to avoid it police can fine him through proper set up. Also even if a person thinks he can move off easily like this or avoid due to political effect than in that case registration of vehicles would not be renewed until full fees of toll as well fine is not paid. For this All over India registration of all sort of vehicles should be renewed after every 3 yrs and on sale of vehicle when it goes for new registration than without checking all records on system it should not be registered. This is for vehicles used for commercial and personal purposes.


    1. It will cut cost on manpower.
    2. Fraud in terms of loss of money and smooth flow of traffic as well in terms of passing toll from one state to another.
    3. Lesser theft of vehicles due to registration records
    4. 100% recovery of project money on toll plazas
    5. Easy online recharge and actual info of vehicle as per geographical locations, easy to track.
    6. Help to police personal to solve theft, crime and toll defaulters cases.
    7. If a person changes his mobile no than telecom companies should be made liable to update the info of the client with the authority, else license of telecom will be cancelled cause of security concern.Minimum of 2 no’s should be shared with authority.

  • Chhavinder Lamba

    Now coming over to public transport usage pattern.
    Steps needed to be taken by government.
    1. Install proper visible (Window Glass in aluminum frame) Bus stand points at every possible locations with air conditioner facility and with a wall t.v to display timings of bus route no’s and its destinations monitored by CCTV cameras.
    2. Transport buses should have cameras in front and back to keep a tab on inside bus activity to avoid crimes like harassment to women, theft and fights. And these cameras will be monitored by authorities and if they found anything wrong immediately stationed PCR van police should be pressed into service.
    3. In order to stop a bus stop button should be there on bars of bus and it should help the passenger as well as the driver to stop the bus instead of traditional style of bus rok kar chalna.
    4. Front half for women and kids only. Rest back for males to give them comfort sitting.For long routes double joint buses should be deployed. Else fines.
    5. Instead of bus ticket or atm paper ticket metro cards of every state should work in front of machines while Boarding and De-boarding the bus. Metro card should be chargeable only from metro stations and online recharges.
    6.Bus destination of long route. All passenger luggage should be put in luggage box in bus instead of sitting place to avoid safety issues of passengers during accidents.And luggage will be dispersed only at bus stand when vehicle stops.
    7. To make journey more enjoyable of long routes. such buses should have catering facility in terms of water, juices and fast food like burger. And this is possible.

  • Chhavinder Lamba

    Parking at markets and road sides except raw one’s. Should be chargeable like toll all the year round so that a person will move only when he required to else unwanted roaming and parking charges will make a person to avoid such circumstances. A machine should be placed for charging via cards, deposits of coin and toll cards. This way not only will the government will earn but they can develop infrastructure as well for us in terms of pavement, proper parking lots and parking toll machines. If anyone tries to avoid it than fine and vehicle registration issues. And in end it will make the person to obey the rules.

  • Chhavinder Lamba

    The only thing which forces a person to think and to behave properly is money which we are earning in our daily life. Don’t beat or run after anyone just impose fine and make the vehicles registration impossible without paying up of fines. See the result not only transportation will improve and unwanted stuff will not travel un-wantedly. Also it will give a sense of responsibility among masses fro safety and to behave properly. All such ideas result are as follows

    1. Lot of manpower will be involved in operations at back end. Helping security forces with data and feedback’s while giving services.
    2. Data management companies will be into operations generating employment for youths.
    3. Government would be able to deliver infrastructure, lesser tensions and paper work for security forces. This will help them to educate there policemen in terms of computer efficient and other stuff.
    4. Women will be safe and camera activities will keep a tab on it. After all female ratio is declining in india.
    5. Fines will make the masses to behave in order and respect each other.
    6. It will reduce road rage cases and fights.

  • vikas

    Every Indian City, has old city area, where business flourish in small shops, dealing in bulk but less fancy interiors. people from every walk of life goes there to do business B2B and B2C .
    the problem in these areas are prominent during festival seasons, where narrow by lanes have too much of vehicles and too much of people to handle. Government can ban or impose congestion charges at such time that will discourage people to take their vehicle and use puvlic utiltites.

  • kolar venu

    the role of manufacturers in this era of technology has to be crucial and important apart from that we need to follow some stratagies and my idea point of view why don’t we burn hydrogen and oxygen molecules instead of going to diesel and the mixing of oxygen and hydrogen and making it as a fuel for vehicles by this we can reduce the carbon emissions to a greater extent in the environmental point of view.the role of consumer is very vital in terms of purchasing eco -friendly vehicles,and apart from that it is our responsibility to protect our environment by reducing the emissions of co2 levels and by encouraging the manufacturing of smokeless vehicles and when coming to infrastructure construction of huge buildngs in the middle of citys and of course every where would leading to heavy dust and voice pollution .we have to reduce the dust level in the manufacturing of the cement by mixing some ingredients which will leads to a greater reduce in the level of dust pollution.

  • Kosuru Govinda Rao

    We have to us virtual offices, online shopping etc and use more communication systems to reduce traffic. Use advanced Information technology. No more offices or work places/ colleges/schools. Only online education / offices / shopping / work places.Any thing can done from house. Let us use SAP advanced systems to office less culture. Use ethical online shopping to avoid junk in markets. Probably we can reduce traffic by advanced communication and information technology

  • Jerald

    Most of the riders in chennai are with two wheelers. Why don’t we produce a two seater car with very good milage. That need not be a superfast car. It will be sufficient with max speed of 60KM. If we check the avg speed in chennai it will be 40KM. It will really reduce the road space which is occupied now with big SUVs and 5 seater hatchbacks. If you see even if it is a SUV/hatchabck, most cases we see one person sitting in the car which occupies the road space of 5 to 7 persons. In this case the two seater car with low power engine and incresed milage can reduce the crowded vehicles in the city.

  • andy appan


    bike 300 kg, 120 kmph, 8 hp/30 cc;360 kmpl, 6.5 g/km co2e

    car 2t, 200 kmph 100 hp/600 cc; 60 kmpl, 39 g/km co2e

    truck 15t,200 kmph, 240 hp/1600 cc, 30 kmpl; 77.5 g/km co2e

    Inv 100 Mn$ Getback 200 Mn$ In 2 Yrs



    600 KG LENGTH 3 M, WIDTH 1.1.2 M, HEIGHT 1.5 M
    FUEL 2 L/Hr. KMPL= 60/2= 30 KMPL CO2E= 39 G/KM . COST INR 1,00,000 /+TAX
    INVEST INR 100 Cr REPAID 200 Cr in Yrs. AT CHENNAI


      REPAID 200 Cr IN 3 Yrs

  • anand uttarkar


    discuss by Heavy Duty Mobile, Transportation Automotive :

    C-ring seals have been accepted as a good solution for sealing turbochargers. Also shaped seals have been accepted in sealing the engines of high end sports cars.

    Type of seals used:

    • Metal O-ring – Shaped as well as circular seals.

    • Gas filled metal o-ring – Shaped as well as circular seals.

    • C-ring – Shaped as well as circular seals.

    • Spring energized C-rings – Shaped as well as circular seals.

    For more details please click here :

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