Six things you need to know about the Rise Prize

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: August 26, 2014

Here is all you need to know about the Rise Prize

A land of a billion people. A land of a billion possibilities. Where we can innovate every day. Where we can challenge the status quo every day. So why aren’t world-class innovations coming from India? What keeps us from innovating? What keeps us from bridging the gap between what we need and what we have?

How do we make World Class from India a reality?

With the aim to spark the rise of innovation in India, Mahindra launched the Rise Prize, India’s biggest ever innovation challenge, this February, to tap into the dynamic minds of the young. With USD 1 Million to offer and two challenges, Rise Prize aims to spur breakthrough innovations from India, which capture the mainstream imagination.

The Driverless Car Challenge and the Solar Challenge will enable India to move forward on the track to world-class.

While you’re still working on your innovation, there might be some things that you’re unsure of. There may be some more questions that you have regarding the challenge, but didn’t know whom to ask. Here’s how we’ll enable your idea become a business.

So, will you dare to disturb the universe? Step outside the box and make #WorldClassFromIndia a reality. Join the conversation TODAY!

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  • kush sharma

    what I have to do to participate?

  • Suresh

    I have an innovative idea to collect the wastage of energy in automobiles to be used in the same system or outside . This will save fuel & the electricity in the EV.

    • Busin Ness Reminders

      This is what they call Turbo Charge Engines which are in use…

      • Suresh

        This is more efficient than turbo charge

  • Sagar Ratan

    I have a good idea regarding automobiles which will be eco-friendly.., instead of making newer and modern engines in automobiles, we can make smart tyres. We know the concept of maglev vehicle and we can put that concept into tyres of vehicle. We can make magnetic tyres which will move with the help of small current through batteries in car. With this, we can not only remove the engines but also it won’t contribute much to environmental pollution. Seriously, it can be new innovation in the field of transportation.

  • Rajesh Kalyani


    have a idea which can ensure the greater security of the passengers of any mass
    transport vehicle can I get a platform to show it.

    I don’t need much time
    and resources to prove it

  • Vangaveeti Mohana Krishna Vams

    How to submit the ideas for rise? And to which mail can I write to?

  • Dr Amit Gupta

    Hi, Need to mobilize resources for a technology enabled CSR and sustainability platform…how do i submit my plan to Rise/Mahindra Partners?? Given the Mahindra Groups emphasis on sustainability am sure they would be great mentors to my project.

  • V. Sambasiva Rao

    Very good platform to execute innovative and affordable IDEAS which are useful for National development.

  • sehwag V

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  • fastpokemap

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  • Vinod Vinu
  • Prudhvi

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