Rise Prize – India’s Biggest Innovation Challenge is here!

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: March 24, 2014

India has been on the verge of greatness for far too long. It’s time to tip over and dive headfirst toward a transformed India, replete with ideas, innovation and futuristic technology.

With up to USD $1 million on offer, we’ve taken the first step with India’s biggest ever innovation challenge, the Rise Prize.

  • Driverless Car: With USD $700,000 on offer disrupt the future of mobility by building a driverless car for Indian roads. Read more here.
  • Solar Challenge: With USD $300,000 on offer drive the energy revolution by harnessing solar power to power homes across India. Read more here.

The Why Behind the Rise Prize

India is a billion possibilities. We have the potential to create innovations that truly disrupt the way we lead our lives; breakthroughs that transform our world. With a billion people, we believe we can achieve more.

Through Spark the Rise, we are hoping to inspire and enable Indians to innovate more, disrupt more, create more, and push boundaries that will make the world sit up and take notice.

The Rise Prize is a first step in the direction of India as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Apply Now

Applications are open today up to 19 September 2014.  This is your chance to catalyse positive change in India. Your chance to make ‘Made in India’ mean best in the world.

Will you Rise to the Challenge?

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  • yogesh

    how to apply ?

    • Rise Team

      Hi Yogesh. Thanks for your interest, Here’s the link to apply: http://bit.ly/1hMp30E. Please let us know in case of any further queries.

  • http://www.solartroniks.com V.G.Abraham

    I look forward to this event and pledge to keep the world updated of the Solar revolution through my blog at Solartroniksdotcom

    • Rise Team

      Hi V.G Abraham. Thanks for your contribution. It’s valuable. So will you be submitting an entry on sparktherise.com?
      Also join us on Twitter on @MahindraRise

  • Dasigi

    Has India changed its currency recently? Why is the prize in dollars?

  • mohiddin

    it wil be sure done..when we change our mind sets

    • Tasleem Ahmad

      i agree it will be pssible.i know how to do it.

      • mohiddinsk

        i Have A Tremendous Plan…It must be wrkng….i think.. cn u plz gv me one chance……to talk with u…directly.. i wl show my plan with details..


    Is there any possibility to upgrade the RISE Competition to “CAR-LESS CAR COLONIES / CITY”

    • http://mithsoft.in Nikhil Jauhari

      That concept is easy to frame but its requirements are quite expensive and it does change the city not the universe.


        Challenge:- With this Project implementation we can achieve a great lead, as no other ‘MODE’ of transport’ in the world, can move men / materials with this speed in the congested localities / Cities.
        A great saying: —
        Three (3) stupid stages in LIFE.
        Teenage – have TIME & ENERGY but no MONEY.
        Working Age – have MONEY & ENERGY but no TIME
        Old Age – have TIME & MONEY but no ENERGY.
        And most of the population in this world is in working Age.
        If we can show the way to save the Public Time at least their travel / Journey time, this Project will be a boon to mankind.
        Project – Innovation article is live at:
        Example: – Roller Coaster Machinery can be viewed through following
        In the above video we understand people move in open cars, whereas, in
        this Project, people move in closed Chambers, with required speed and also able to generate Power.

  • Janak Solanki

    Dear Sir,

    I shall be very grateful to you, if you adopt my following new thought in your creativities.

    Not a single day passes without any accidents on the National Highways
    or any public roads of a city. It seems that rash driving has become a
    fashion and everybody seems to be in a great hurry.

    Below described thought was come in my mind long away past but when I
    visited a showroom at Godhra and heard about safety than my thoughts
    get once again inspiration and quickly I took the pen and wrote to you.
    As per my thought and conclusion a car should
    have sensor on the totally covered front side. It start the scanning
    when the object far from 100feets to the subject, as object come near to
    the subject one by one feet, the sensor have to pass the information to
    the fuel flowing system and control to flow
    it, in other hand it also pass the information to breaking system to
    control the speed according the distance come down. Hence, when the
    object totally comes near to the subject it will stop the fuel and break
    the car. So, the accident can be minimize and
    save the human life.

    you may design a
    control system which can operates in such a fashion that when object
    comes closer to the vehicle fuel flow should automatically reduced
    proportionately & break system should operate in exact proportion.

    (J V Solanki)

    Electrical Engineer, Godhra.

    +91 98792 02081 (Gujarat)

    • http://mithsoft.in Nikhil Jauhari

      A bit more explaination is required in your idea, How would you manage your 100 feet distance in delhi/mumbai, even vehicles runs with less then 1 feet distance on roads, On the basis of your idea we are unable to drive on roads. Right Mr. Solanki.



        P. Rama Linga Swamy,
        Flat No.303, Sripada Mansion,
        Opp. S.P.M.V.V., Gayatri Nagar,
        Tirupati – 517 502.
        Ph: 9866481059
        E-mail:- swamy.prls@gmail.com
        Honourable Sri Venkaiah Naidu,
        Minister for Urban Development,
        Government of India,
        NEW DELHI.
        Please find enclosed abstract for ‘CAR – LESS COLONIES / CITIES ‘, in
        the wake of our efforts to switch for Smart Cities.
        With this Project implementation we can achieve a great lead, as no other
        ‘mode of transport’ in the world, can move men / materials with this speed
        in the congested localities.
        A great saying: — Three (3) stupid stages in LIFE.
        Teenage – have TIME & ENERGY but no MONEY.
        Working Age – have MONEY & ENERGY but no TIME
        Old Age – have TIME & MONEY but no ENERGY.
        And most of the population in this world is in working Age.
        If we can show the way to save the Public Time at least their travel / Journey
        time, this Project will be a boon to mankind.
        Chinese Company is ready with quotation to supply required machinery.
        Please permit me to submit you presentation with 3-D Animation.
        Thanking you Sir,
        Why Traffic Jam Occurs?
        Roads are designed to handle certain level of traffic – Vehicular / Human.
        In due course, there will be increase in users, vehicles, and timing
        (People want to use the roads at the same time in their hurry,
        i.e., Office / School Time 09.00 a.m.)
        In this project we use the Buildings / Apartments “Building Top” as our landing / boarding place. Hence, we can reduce the more than 50% of ‘congest’
        on the roads.
        Every Building whether it is 2 floors, 5 floors or 10 floors will have a ‘Building Top’ which is lying idle.
        At present Tower Cranes are used for material handling at large construction sites only. With little modifications in the design and Integration with latest available technologies in Lifts, Roller Coasters, Rope ways, etc, we can use them in Public Transportation.
        A Football Field is 300ft x 160ft = 48,000 sq ft = 1.08 acres. 6 Football Fields =
        6.5 acres.
        TOWER CRANE – The K-10000-L covers 7.5 acres area with over 100 tons lifting capacities.
        Tower Crane JIB length 100 meters. When it is used in Diameter (on two sides) it will be 200 meters. In the aerial distance of 1 K.m. of a colony we have to use five (1000 / 200 = 5 nos) Tower Cranes in line to transfer Public from one place to other, to reach every corner of the Colony. Tirupati City covers total 5
        k.m. aerial distance.
        There are some narrow lanes in a colony where two 2-wheelers cannot
        cross at a time.
        There are some narrow streets in a colony where two 3-wheelers cannot
        cross at a time.
        There some narrow roads in a colony where two 4-wheelers cannot cross
        at a time.
        There are ATMs in the colony, in the streets where a lot of money transactions are taking place. The ATM entrance may be 3-ft width. Like that, we can collect people through small entrance in the congested / narrow streets, lift them to Building Top / Pick up Centre and shift them through modified Tower Cranes.

  • Satish Singhal

    My Son AYUSH SINGHAL (Team Captain and Head Designer), students of Final year B. Tech UIET, Punjab University, Chandigarh, Ayush Singhal S/o Smt Vandana & Sh Satish Singhal R/o H. No.228 Sector 16 A Faridabad participated in VIMANTRA 2012, 9th Annual National Level Technical Paper Contest organized by NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS with a research paper on ‘SEMI AUTOMATIC VEHICLE’. VI MANTRA is open to both students and research scholars pursuing post graduate studies in science and engineering. With participation from over 800 colleges across India, this student of UIET won FIRST PRIZE with a cash prize of INR 50,000 & Rs 10 lac software material among a total of around 1500 entries across the country. Their research paper was based on the concept of a Semi Automatic Vehicle using Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) Technology. They built a technology in which they incorporated Cruise System, Adaptive brakes and Automatic Gear Shifting which will work according to the input given by the driver and the automatic mode can be changed to manual mode anytime without any time lag.
    • Eases the driver as repetitive controls of the vehicle like gear shifts, accelerating and clutch use
    • The automatic braking reduces the risk of highway and negligence accidents.
    • For hill terrain driving in which the vehicle slows itself down if it crosses a safe speed.
    • The steering still remains in his control.
    • System improves driver comfort in steady traffic
    • Brings about a better fuel efficiency

    This is the First time when a North Side student wins this award. This was the first time when a student from UIET Chandigarh participated in VIMANTRA and racing to the top, they brought glory to the Faridabad as well as to North
    First of all they were shortlisted among 458 teams out of 1500 teams. EDUCATORS DAY Then in second round he was selected among top 11 teams and now finally they got first prize in the national level event VI Mantra held at CHENNAI on the 16th October 2012.

    Not only in VI MANTRA 2012 ,but he was also a part of team for National Level Event BAJA 2012 in which the team got the first prize in cost award for designing an Off Road Vehicle. This event was held in Feb 2012 at Indore (MP) He has designed and manufactured an off road vehicle which is designed especially for all terrain i.e. it can climb mountains, can pass through deep water and there were many innovation involved which were hybrid suspension, adaptive light system, power and efficiency mode gear shift indicator. His Team participated in National Level event BAJA-SAE INDIA 2012 which is organised by Mahindra, Nattrip, Arai, General Motors and This event took place at Indore many others. and his team got 1st Prize for most economical vehicle i.e.Rs 1 lakh (Rs 70000+Rs 30000) as prize money. In this event total 350 teams participated. First round was the virtual event, in which 350 teams presented the design of their cars. 80 Teams were shortlisted in this. His team was among the Top 10 and then final round was dynamic event in which He got 1st Prize for most Economical Vehicle.

    He has also developed a Research Paper on Artificial Brain for the Mentally Retarded persons with the help of surgery a very small chip (brain gate) is implanted in their brains. This research was selected by DRDO Chandigarh, RCMA Chandigarh, SEMILAC Chandigarh and Indian Air Force Chandigarh. He awarded first prize for this achievement with a certificate & memento.

    Also he introduces a concept of generation of Electricity by using PYRAMID POWER without using any mechanical source. This model project produce never ending current supply which supports “Building Gateway to Sustainable Green Communities” This project was selected in the Chandigarh Science Congress 2011
    Chandigarh. He awarded a certificate.

  • Akash

    Read more link for “Driverless Car” is not working.. its linked to “file:///C:/Users/Madhulika/Desktop/bit.ly/1kLC3IZ”

    Please fix it..

  • yusu


  • yusuf r kumbhar

    i have an idea for reduce a energy crisis in rural areas of india.


    Very good initiative taken by Mahindra group.

  • mahavir

    i saw ur advertise while watching tv
    i have an idea that is very useful in mechanical field. this is a new bearing.
    it can take place of regular bearing whats in use
    i also told about it to tata motor officer , but he never ready to hear me .
    plz must replay i m waiting

  • pradeepA

    What would be the last date of submitting our idea ??

  • prasanna

    Hi, I have an idea to solve the major problem of lower denomination currency transactions in the field of transportation, hotels, medical stores etc. Kindly let me know how to send in my ideas.

  • Jaydeep

    Dear sir,
    Its nice to see Driverless cars and solar support, but how about other ideas of automotives and engineering which can be really promissing, they can also change the future. I request you to please provide me the propper path if mahindra is supporting other type of fruitful innovations.

  • Ajay Kumar Khaitan

    I am a Scientist, I can generate Energy without any
    fuel. No Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene or Coal is Required. Also No Solar, Hydro or Wind Power is required at all.

    Ajay Kumar Khaitan, Mob: 09333110071, Email: ajaykumarkhaitan@gmail.com

    • Kenneth Roy

      Nice try troll!!!

    • Ramesh P

      Energy can never be created from nowhere; it can just be converted from one form to another form.
      I guess you trying to make energy from the temperature difference between ambient air and some resource like water which relatively at lower temperature…..Stirling engines can work if source and sink are at just 5 deg C difference…hope your invention is something like that which uses refrigerant gas or super critical CO2.
      I too have one invention on sCO2 solar engine for harvesting energy from solar or waste heat or ambient air…..looking for an investor. mailpramesh@gmail.com 9739798021

  • swamy

    Hi Mahindra rise team,

    toppic:indian roads today

    This is swamy . I want to tell one innovation for india IT technology . now a days is smart world . every one has a smart mobiles . coming to matter , I am saying about
    mobile apps. mobile apps is one of the most important ways to promote your mobile app to users. My apps is message alert of speed .u are driving the car 60 speed on local roads, u have to drive 50 speed maximum . if you are cross the speed limits any roads ,you will get message alert in your mobile.go slow..u r entered dazerzone..go slowly and save u r life. message fast drive is u will be last drive that is my conncept…decrease road accident

  • Sanjay Jain

    Besides hese two innovation, do you consider or give prize / support to other ideas in Energy Field.

  • Stanford dsouza

    I have an idea.. Which can basically prevent road traffic, theft, or any illegal activity.. Would like to discuss the same.. If anyone from rise can get In touch with me for the same.. stanford.dsouza9@gmail.com thanks..

  • Raj Karthik

    i told to mahindra that i am having 50 logical systems that are ready to implement in driverless car challenge.they rejected my application.I tailored it for indian road.Still having that systems.waiting for response!!!

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