Rise — Nine Months Into a Brand Transformation

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: October 10, 2011

At Mahindra, we’re hard at work weaving Rise into the daily lives of our companies, customers, and employees. In addition to ongoing initiatives, we’ve launched exciting new ones. It’s been nine months since Rise’s launch, and as we approach the one-year mark, we are excited to update you on our progress and our plans.

Mahindra Rise Update

What internal changes has Mahindra made?

After establishing Rise as a core brand idea, it was necessary for us to undertake significant restructuring. According to B. Karthik, General Brand Manager of Corporate Brand Management and Business Transformation, our key internal initiative remains transforming key HR levers. He says we have completed the first phase of work on HR levers, and almost all project teams have delivered recommendations that are being implemented. Group leadership competencies have been redefined and are being harmonized across the group, while training modules to familiarize senior employees with competencies will begin soon.

Recruitment methodology, processes, and tools have been redefined and will soon be implemented. Karthik says an “exciting and informative” induction process, accompanied by a new set of tools, is ready to roll out. The process will induct employees across group companies and provide a consistent experience to all employees. Change management modules have been finalized and the first batch of 25 people started training in late September. Cross-functional and cross-sectorial teams have started working on the next set of HR levers (talent management, performance management systems, and rewards and recognition).

What external changes has Mahindra made?

As internal efforts become more focused, our external reach is increasingly apparent. By now, most of our customers have seen Rise translating into our products, services, solutions, and value-delivery chains. Current external efforts include:

  • Marketing harmonization. Our marketing team has completed the process of harmonizing the marketing language across all major Mahindra Group businesses. They are now working on a set of initiatives that are expected to yield benefits in terms of efficiencies, consumer insights, and cost savings. “This new set of opportunities offers a great scope for synergies and teamwork,” says Karthik.
  • Exploring new opportunities that exemplify Rise. On September 1, we saw the NM-5— India’s first public-private partnership in aircraft, between Mahindra Aerospace and CSIR-NAL—take its maiden flight, highlighting Rise’s impact in our aerospace endeavors. The launch of the Saral Rozgar program, which offers an accessible and flexible job market for blue-collar workers and employers, exemplifies how Rise can impact our service department. And Mahindra Automotive’s new XUV500?  It is an example of “exciting development that showcases and strengthens our innovation and technology capabilities,” says Karthik.
  • Brand-building efforts. We launched a major television commercial to highlight the Rise spirit across all geographies, contexts, and ages. The commercial is airing throughout India to showcase Mahindra’s multinationalism to loyal home-market customers.

What major Rise transformations are under way?

As we move deeper into the roll out of Rise, we’re particularly excited about the launch of an innovative new campaign, as well as the media coverage associated with it.

  • Spark the Rise. The campaign launched on August 17 to offer a platform for people to put ideas into action to drive positive change in India. It allows anyone with an action plan to submit an idea that others can read and vote for. For six months, eight winners each month will be awarded a grant. Upon the conclusion, one grand finale winner and three runners up will receive additional grants. To date, over 56,000 users have registered, and 2,228 projects have been submitted. The contest runs through April 2012; the first winners were announced on October 1.
  • Media efforts. Spark the Rise has received significant publicity throughout India. To complement extensive media coverage, we have launched a marketing push to encourage individuals to submit entries and vote on their favorite Sparks.

What is the vision moving forward to the next quarter?

Karthik says the focus for the next quarter will fall to the Spark the Rise campaign, as Mahindra looks to “strengthen it into a robust, powerful movement for change in India.” As each batch of winners is awarded their 4 lakh grant, Karthik says Mahindra will continue to follow their progress.

We must now work to “sustain over the long term the intensity and momentum that is required in any transformation program of this magnitude,” says Ruzbeh Irani, Chief Brand Officer.


Where have you seen Rise? Which of our current products and services empower you?


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  • Sanuj Krishnan

    Mahindra Rise – is classic and glowing example of crowdsourcing, i would say. Innovation involving the community is what the world needs going ahead. This concept has been well received in B-school circles as well as IT crowds of India.I think it should be developed into a case and taught at the best universities in the world!

  • Santhosh

    we are waiting for it Mahindra Rise -Rise and Shine across.

  • Abc

    Is Mahindra Satyam merging with Tech- Mahindra?

  • Abc

    Will Mahindra Satyam be renamed as Mahindra RISE?

    • Akanksha

      Mahindra Rise is the brand name, Mahindra Satyam is the name of one Mahindra Group company…

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