[Grand Finale Finalist: 7/18] Arathi Manay – Nurturing Puttenahalli Lake back to life

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: March 23, 2012

Meet Arathi Manay.  She’s on a mission to heal Puttenahalli Lake, whose once-pristine 13 acres have become a marshy garbage dump as Bangalore developed.


“Rise is moving up above what seems impossible to change. Rise is going from good to better to best, a positive change from which the society stands to gain.”  - Arathi Manay

In 2008, nearby residents took matters into their own hands and campaigned for the municipality to restore the lake.  In 2010, they succeeded.  Since then, Arathi and several other community members have founded the Puttenahalli Neighborhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT) to maintain the lake—supported entirely by donations and other funding.  They’ve built a legion of volunteer gardeners, sweepers, lake bed cleaners, handymen, and watchmen, and together they’ve planted more than 200 trees and bushes, and waste bins.  Today, birds are returning and citizens are getting excited about preserving natural resources.  To continue making Puttenhalli Lake a place of natural beauty and a wildlife habitat, Arathi and the other members of the Trust need more funding.

Top three reasons why you should vote for Arathi’s project:

  • The Puttenahalli Lake nurturing project is a replicable model for lakes in urban areas, with citizens sharing the responsibilities of the local administration.
  • Lakes in urban areas are critical for maintaining the ecological balance and need to be protected.
  • People need well-maintained Public Open Spaces and this project is one such space – of the people, for the people and by the people.

If you would like to learn more about this innovation please visit http://www.sparktherise.com/projectdetail.php?pid=5087

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  • Ramaninair

    Beautiful video. Clear and empowering. Needs support

  • Ramakria

    well done
    we needs all our LAKES preserved and saved
    In ap state ,there is Kolluru lake ,PULICAT etc Hope both citizens and Govts come together to save such projects as well