[Grand Finale Finalist: 18/18] Manoj Singh – Lac cultivation for livelihood of tribal and non-tribal families

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: March 30, 2012

Jharkhand is the ‘Lac State of India.’ Recent studies in Jharkhand revealed that income generated from lac cultivation is next only to cultivation of paddy.

It has been found that about half of the total lac-host trees are still lying un-exploited for lac cultivation in lac growing areas and there are areas where, in spite of large number of host trees, lac cultivation is not carried out at all. However, increase in production requires considerable technical training and exact timing because the seed (brood lac) for lac production cannot be stored and is very short-lived.

That’s where Manoj Singh and his team become involved. They have devised a program to develop brood lac farms that will train local tribal and non-tribal families how to grow and cultivate lac. This includes training inputs on timely pruning, brood lac inoculation and precaution against predators of the lac insect. All this training will help many families earn much needed additional income during cash-strapped seasons.

The top three reasons to vote for Manoj Singh’s project:

  • Lac Production is considered to be a complimentary and supplementary form of income to the existing livelihoods of rural households in Jharkhand. It is relatively inexpensive crop to maintain with little labor input, and very high returns!
  • Lac cultivation encourages conservation of the host trees and leads to re-greening of the land and conservation of the forest.
  • Lac cultivation provides an important livelihood activity for women because there are very little barriers to entry.


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  • Umeshadapa

    This initiative is laudable as the livelihoods of the communities living in these areas are enhanced whild there is a strong active particpation of the community in the conservation and regeneration of natural resource  “our forests”. As a staunch believer in the conservation and regeneration of over exploited natural resources, I am sure this effort will play a pivotal role in the development of these areas and improve the livelihoods of the peole with more stress on the livelihood of women both of tribal/non-tribal origins. I wish the project a grand success !!

  • Payal

    It is very similar to our project of SETTING UP A CRAFTS ASHRAM, except that our project looks at handicrafts and their upgraded skills wrapped with market intelligence and this is on a specific product.