[Grand Finale Finalist: 17/18] Sarabjeet Singh Johar – Urine Albukit, Personal Kidney Care Kit

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: March 30, 2012

Meet Sarabjeet Singh Johar.  He’s spent 15 years researching to create a kidney test kit so simple that you can use it at home.

The kit identifies a urinary protein, albumin, which is a red flag for kidney damage.  It’s only present when something is wrong, often dangerous conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and hypertension.  This simple home-test can help alert people to these conditions early, so that they can seek prompt medical care. Right now, the prototype is ready—Sarabjeet needs a grant to bring his invention to the market.

Top three reasons why you should vote for URINE ALBUKIT:

  • It’s the only kidney-test that can be used by the common man as well as medical practitioners
  • It can be used at home by people at risk for kidney problems, such as those with diabetes, cardiovascular issues, hypertension, smoking or drinking habits, and obesity
  • It is 100% accurate without being invasive: no blood sample is required from the patient. The test can accurately indicate the health of the kidney with only a urine sample.


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  • Vijayakumar.K

    Good one..which will help for the poor people’s health monitoring …!

  • pramod raj gauli

    how much it cost?per