[Grand Finale Finalist: 14/18] Samik Ghosh – Head Held High, Village BPO

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: March 28, 2012

Head Held High Foundation, together with its subsidiaries, works on creating sustainable models for rural transformation. They have developed training programs that seek to identify, empower, and enable the most vulnerable people and communities.

“To me, Rise is transformation – transformation of lives through providing opportunities; Rise is making a change.”  - Samik Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO, Village BPO

One such program, the Village BPO Pvt. Ltd., specializes in getting outsourced work done from rural India. Villagers with little or no education can become BPO employees after an intensive training course. This not only gives them a new, steady source of income but the confidence to tackle any problems. Meet Samik Ghosh, the CEO of the Village BPO. Help him to keep everyone’s Head Held High!

Here are the top 3 reasons to vote for Head Held High:

  • The Village BPO provides that one opportunity to the poorest of the poor villagers for them to lead life of dignity and keep their HEAD HELD HIGH.
  • They create a win-win model for both commercial enterprises and rural villagers by building on the way the world works.
  • The Head Held High movement has the potential for replication to impact 400 million lives; they simply make opportunities more inclusive and accessible; they build self-sustainable communities which provide opportunities and dignity to villagers without the need of charity or hand-outs.


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