For those who dare to disturb the universe, Spark The Rise is back!

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: February 28, 2014

India has been on the verge of greatness for too long.
It’s time to change that.

It’s time to make the world sit up and take notice.

To create disruptive solutions that transform lives.

To lead in enterprise and innovation.

 To see “Made in India” mean best in the world.

It’s time.

To Spark the Rise of India.

India is land with a billion possibilities. We have the potential to create innovations that truly disrupt the way we lead our lives and breakthroughs that transform our world. With a billion people, we believe we can achieve more. Through Spark the Rise, we are hoping to inspire and enable Indians to innovate more, disrupt more, create more and push boundaries that will make the world sit up and take notice.

Nations develop when technology and innovation combine to add value, create jobs and improve the general standards of living. Today, despite a population of over a billion and a very favourable demographic profile, India lags behind in technology and innovation. Mahindra is confident that if an appropriate ecosystem is developed, India should be able to leap ahead and quickly achieve global standards in developing innovative solutions that solve problems, create opportunities and drive growth. It is this belief that has driven the setting up of Spark the Rise and now, the Rise Prize.

The Rise Prize is India’s biggest innovation challenge and is awarded to teams that come up with disruptive innovations or solutions that solve pressing problems or create new opportunities.

A new dimension is being added to the Spark the Rise platform: the Rise Prize. In this section, we will pose “challenges”, which, if solved, could potentially change the way we live, work and play. Our aim is to present challenges that range across the spectrum – from transportation and renewable energy to technology, healthcare and beyond.

There are two challenges being put up on the site:

1)    The development of a driverless car that works in Indian conditions

2)    A DIY (Do it Yourself) Solar Rooftop Kit that spurs the growth of solar power in urban and rural India.

The question remains – will you dare to disturb the universe?

Participation is open to all Indian citizens, Indian institutions and organizations with the condition that the work done in solving the challenges is carried out within the geography of India. People can participate in teams or as individuals. More details on eligibility can be found on the website,

Join the conversation at #MillionDollarIdea and let’s Spark the Rise of India together.

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  • wlthrpr

    I will always remain profoundly confused at (supposedly) “innovation” websites that permit only one or two areas of interest. Competition is one thing, innovation is completely different even though competition is a small part that incited the quest for innovations. Direct Current electricity, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and any method to manufacture or synthesize alternative fuels is far more dire to future endeavors than a driverless car, fracking, global warming, or even solar panels (though it is also important that solar panels become available to the public someday). In my opinion, the brainlock about fossil fuels must first be lifted to initiate discussion of any possibilities.

  • Alekha Tripathy

    India’s success lies in finding alternate sources of energy which should be clean, durable and versatile. Towards this end, I may mention about solar energy and wind energy. While we have stated tapping these sources already yet we have a log way to go to make use of these in a big effective way. We have not yet thought of using these sources for transport purposes.
    we can try out to manufacture cars propelled by solar/wind energy. In fact hybrid cars may be the right answer. Simultaneous and co-ordinated use of the conventional fossil fuel/battery along with solar and wind energy may drive a car with less cost and with minimum pollution. This will save us lots of foreign exchange and decrease health problems due to pollution.

  • soumya pawaiya

    well , i have a new idea of energy production , which shall cost us aproxximately nothing . with proper support and guidance we can develop this idea of mine . i am nor intersted in displaying the idea publically. contact me @


    Hi friends i have an Idea to boost up the torque of a automobile engine by n times.It also helps in reducing the fuel consumption. so please do contact me @

  • AtMa ShreeMurali

    My associate has invented a clean-tech, renewable energy generating system which runs self-fuelled. The idea (already a prototype is demonstrated successfully) deserves your recognition BUT unfortunately you have limited it to DIY Solar kit and he can’t apply as the category of invention differs. WILL YOU please amend/modify your call category to help him apply? The innovation mentioned is useful to the whole world!

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