E-volution: A series on the future of IT

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: August 9, 2011

Technology hasn’t always meant iPhones and laptops, the internet or electronics.  In fact, for thousands of years technology was simply the tools you used to search for food.  A spade? Technology. A bow and arrow? Technology. The wheel? One of the technologies that has transformed the world!


From the wheel to the internet, a lot has been written about the evolution of technology. But one thing is for certain: today’s booming e-technologies – wireless calling, the internet, social media, and many others – have completely revolutionized the speed, the size, and the type of material that is available.

Being connected around the clock has never been so easy. The prevalence of internet-enabled phones in markets across the world has once again revolutionized the use of the internet. In India, Facebook alone has seen an 85 percent increase in active accounts this year. That growth is largely due to the affordability and prevalence of internet-capable phones amongst Indians of all socioeconomic strata. It comes as no surprise, then, that the way businesses communicate with their employees and their clients is changing at an accelerating pace.

The tech revolution tearing through the urban developed world can also transform rural areas. For example, Tech Mahindra has connected farmers in rural India to cutting-edge agricultural know-how through voice interfaces. Farmers can leave a voice mail at a designated number, which registered researchers and professors at Indian universities receive as an email attachment. They respond via an email that Tech Mahindra converts into a voice message in the farmer’s vernacular language. Once complete, the farmer receives an SMS alerting them about the response to their query. Writes Tech Mahindra Assistant VP, Balaji TS: “This ability to deliver high quality input, customized to the farmer’s need was possible – through Information Technology!”

Examples like this are multiplying. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting articles by top leaders in Mahindra Satyam and Tech Mahindra on the evolving way Information and Communications Technology companies are doing business.  We will deconstruct Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, and SAAS, among other things. Watch this space for more in our Tech Series: E-volution. Every time you seen an article with this image, check it out to learn more!


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  • Ramachandrareddy G

    ICT is one area, where india is trying to match with world,each out to millions, the fact of the matter is a cellophane answer for this,  while BOP(Bottom of the pyramid)  is  favorite word for every social scientist, yet we are not able to penetrate this section of people, i think we need innovate more models where through ICT we can/are able to reach them faster than what we are today, today it appears to have seemingly end less opportunity  for rural poor, because of we not able to reach to them, why dont companies invest huge space of rural area with combination of ICT/Could competing  

  • Prof Keshava Nireshwalia

    Providing a participatory forum to bring in new ideas and invove voters  as well as expert jury should identify at least a few good inventions which could evolve into commerce. = Prof Keshava Nirreshwalia.

  • http://www.facebook.com/suraj.gangber Suraj Gangber

    Agreed ….still we are lacking a lit on platform of technology …we should go ahead….

  • Nkeshav42

    I wish the solar energy is harnessed to universalise the e-Evolution and IT so that it evolves as a an inclusive and harmonious option.In the same context, Newer developments and innovations in this sector need to enhance  maximising the use of solar energy in the shortest possible time.

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