Building an ICT Company

Posted By: Indraneel Ganguli|Dated: September 8, 2011

At Mahindra Satyam, our vision is to be the world’s most valued “ICT” Company. We’re working to provide Information in any form and from multiple sources; enable Communication anytime and anywhere; and develop secure and reliable Technology for any device. We feel that the best way to do this and to reach out to consumers is to live and work by the Rise philosophy: to drive positive change through innovative thinking. Here’s a look at how we’ve been trying to do this.

Building an ICT Company

Mobile services

On the mobile phone front, we’ve been working with Canvas M to jointly develop a number of innovative services with a wide consumer reach.

With Saral Rozgar, one of our joint projects, employment is just a dial away: users can access a suite of utility services such as employment counselling and education through multiple mediums, including a voice portal. By seamlessly connecting blue-collared workers and job providers, we are dramatically changing the landscape of the unorganized Indian labour market. And, in recognition of our contribution to rural telecommunication services, Saral Rozgar received the “Excellence in Innovation with Rural Telecom Focus” at the 2011 National Telecom Awards conference in New Delhi. We’re confident that Saral Rozgar’s simple but innovative offerings will have a profound impact and will allow thousands of Indians to enter the official job market. (Stay tuned for an upcoming, full-length post about Saral Rozgar.)

The number of mobile phone users in India is skyrocketing, and this presents incredible opportunities to reach and service them in new and inventive ways. Mobo Money, another service developed with Canvas M, is a contactless payment platform for the Indian consumer that allows for mCommerce, mobile banking and online payments. With an intuitive design and a simplified, multilingual interface, Mobo Money is intended to reach all segments of the Indian population – including the under-privileged, who may not have access to traditional banking services.  The service has the potential to enfranchise an enormous segment of the Indian population and to revolutionize on-the-go personal finance management.

Smart Grid Appliances

With the help of multiple experts and solution architects, we’ve developed a Smart Grid-connected appliance system to offer consumers new choices in self-sufficiency and to modernize the usage of electricity in the household.

With its built-in intelligence capabilities, our smart grid monitors and automatically adjusts different appliances according to the need of the owner: they can shift to a low-power mode when overall grid power consumption is up and return to normal power when consumption is down. By interacting with a smart meter that constantly monitors the Smart Grid, we can determine when it will cost the least to run an appliance – we have effectively implemented this demand response system for digital meters, washers, dryers, and ovens, helping consumers save costs.

We’re excited about the way forward, and as our vision of becoming the most valued ICT company becomes a reality, we remain firm in our commitment to developing products and services that not only push the envelope but that also have a positive social impact. As we rise, so will our customers.

Stay tuned for more articles from other tech experts on Gen C and other IT trends in our E-volution Series.

About the author:

Indraneel Ganguli

Indraneel Ganguli is the Head of Marketing and Internal Communications, Asia, for Mahindra Satyam. His portfolio includes 10 years in advertising, 4 years in telecom, and 4 years in IT, and he has ample experience in communicating and working with Gen C. He can be reached at


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