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Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: September 3, 2014

If India has to build its potential, we must learn to question the status quo

India is a nation with immense potential – to ideate, innovate and think out of the box. The question is, what are we doing to make ‘Made in India’ mean ‘Best in the world’?

The first step towards Innovation, is to question. Question at each and every level, not with arrogance, but with a sense of entitlement of wanting to know more. Perhaps it’s time to move from the age-old ‘guru-shishya parampara’ where we learnt by sitting at the feet of our teachers and regurgitating whatever they said – to a culture of absorbing what we hear and questioning it. For it is only then that we’ll truly innovate and make the world sit up and take notice of us.

At our World Class From India Google Hangout series, on making India the next innovation superpower, Rajan Anandan, MD, Google India, said the future of innovation will be “less about disruptive technologies and more about disruptive business models”. Do we have it in us to question the way things are and have world class innovations from India?

Here’s what Anand Mahindra had to say on how we can move beyond our age old tradition of learning, to embracing newer avenues of knowledge.

This Teacher’s Day, let’s embark on a mission to question. Let’s dare to question and make India World Class. Are you with us?

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  • Dasigi

    A short comment on the title: if we are talking of India becoming an innovation superpower, what we need is world-beating innovation, not quite world-class!


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