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Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: August 30, 2012

The wait is finally over! Spark the Rise is back after a very favourable response in 2011. Last year, we were able to seed a meaningful dialogue with the community to discuss and partner on initiatives ranging from innovation, social entrepreneurship, and positive change.

Here is how Spark the Rise has touched the lives of people and our Alumni:

Shanshank KumarName: Shanshank Kumar

Project: Farms and Farmers Foundation

“After STR, we have introduced 3 more collection points and 1 FnF centre, where farmers get best possible farm gate price and avail of our 360 degree services respectively. Besides, we have taken a bigger office in Patna as central office, from where operation of entire local centres and collection point will be monitored.”

Arathi ManayName: Arathi Manay

Project: Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT)

“Spark the Rise has helped PNLIT in building awareness of the importance of water bodies and public open spaces, and the instrumental role of local citizens in safeguarding their environments. Improved visibility has resulted in more volunteers, sponsorship of specific items for PNLIT and more importantly, an active “lake saving movement” in Bangalore.”

Abhishek SidhuName: Abhishek Sidhu

Project: Hydraulic Wheel Lock

“After spark the rise I have been successfully incubated by a top Indian incubation firm, IAN (Indian angel network) and got access to investors. With STR I was able to open my own private limited company so that I can develop and reach people ”

Vaibhav TidkeName: Vaibhav Tidke

Project: Economic Improvement of Indian farmers by Solar Processing of Agro-products

“STR funding and networking came at right point where these funds supported us to do new things which we could not have done due to tight economics”

Vikrant BaibhawName: Vikrant Baibhaw

Project: Eco-friendly bags

“STR has played a very crucial role in enabling the progress. our idea has got an identitiy due to our association with STR & selling the concept to potential advertisers have become a bit easy.”

And now, we want to carry this dialogue further, enrich the conversation, and build an ecosystem of change makers.

In order to build and nurture this ecosystem, we are organising a 3-part series of ‘Be the Spark’ meet-ups to engage in meaningful discussion about creating positive change in India.

Location Topic
New Delhi How do we deliver services to entrepreneurs in rural India?
Bangalore How to harness the power of collective to create an ecosystem rather than focus on the individuals?
Mumbai How to create an environment to encourage people to become entrepreneurs especially those coming from colleges?


Help us scale our efforts to new heights this year by volunteering, submitting your projects and ideas, mentoring the project champions or by donating funds on

Let’s Spark the Rise together!

You can write to if you would like to be a part of the event.

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