• Vaibhav Chidrewar

    Vaibhav Chidrewar

    Vaibhav Chidrewar is a graduate of the Pune Institute of Computer Technology. With the support of the K C Mahindra Fellows Fund Scholarship, Vaibhav will be working toward a master’s degree at Stanford University, where he also plans to pursue a doctorate.

  • Vaibhav Chidrewar: Rising Above Challenges

    Vaibhav Chidrewar: Rising Above Challenges

    Agriculture & Rural Development | November 23, 2011

    In the face of lackluster public education, even poor families turn to private education. By scrimping and saving, many can afford “cheap” private school—and this is often the only way to obtain a quality education. In fact, private schools flourish in rural or low-income areas. The World Absenteeism Survey found that they were more likely found in villages in India where the public system was lacking.

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