• Sanjay Sondhi

    Sanjay Sondhi

    Sanjay is an engineer from IIT-Kanpur who gave up a successful corporate career to focus on his passion: nature conservation. In doing so, he hopes to give something back to society in return for all the pleasure he has received from spending time in the wilds. Learn more about Sanjay and the conservation research, education, and action group Titli Trust at www.titlitrust.com.

  • The Greenagers: Small Steps towards Change

    The Greenagers: Small Steps towards Change

    Culture & Education | September 5, 2011

    The Greenagers have only just started their movement. But what’s heartening is that in an environment where careers, MBAs, scholarships and pay packages dominate the conversation, a group of young students are seeking to walk down a different path.

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