• Indraneel Ganguli

    Indraneel Ganguli

    Indraneel Ganguli is the Head of Marketing and Internal Communications, Asia, for Mahindra Satyam. His portfolio includes 10 years in advertising, 4 years in telecom, and 4 years in IT, and he has ample experience in communicating and working with Gen C.

  • Business today: Are we ready for Gen C?

    Business today: Are we ready for Gen C?

    Energy & Technology | August 11, 2011

    Much has been made of Generation Connected: It demands this;...

  • Building an ICT Company

    Building an ICT Company

    Energy & Technology | September 8, 2011

    We’re working to provide Information in any form and from multiple sources; enable Communication anytime and anywhere; and develop secure and reliable Technology for any device.

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