7 peaks. 7 continents. 2 girls. #Mission2For7 – Accomplished

Posted By: Rise Team|Dated: December 19, 2014

Mt. Vinson (4892m / 16,045ft) is the highest peak in Antarctica and is considered the remotest place on earth. Located just 660 nautical miles from the South Pole, temperatures here can dip to frost bite levels with winds and treacherous terrain being a constant threat to a mountaineer’s survival. An unlikely place perhaps, to find a young 23 year old pair of Indian twin girls.

And that is the perception which the ‘Everest twins’ from India, Nungshi and Tashi Malik, have pledged to change, and to strive towards gender equality and fight against female feticide in India.

Meet the World’s first twins to summit Mt Everest, a feat which found them a place in 60th edition of the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Books of Records.

Nungshi and Tashi set out on #Mission2For7 after their Everest success last year, to climb the tallest peaks in all seven continents for the cause of the Indian girl child with the motto ‘gender equality now – fight against female feticide’. Read more on how they have been scripting history on the highest peaks .

In Antarctica, the twins reached the summit of Vinson at about 4 pm on 16 December local time (early morning 17 Dec IST), after a tough 8 hours climb from their high camp to the summit. Thus becoming World’s first twins to scale the tallest peaks in all 7 continents, the famed ‘Seven Summits’ and also the World’s first siblings to do it, having beaten a brother–sister duo from Pakistan to this accomplishment.

As it often happens, the close of one journey marks the beginning of a new one, embarking upon a new journey of courage, the Malik sisters are now aiming for the “Explorers’ Grand Slam” which involves skiing to both the North and South Pole. It’s a feat no South Asian has achieved so far.

The first phase of this journey will see them embark on 19th December on the ‘last degree ski to South Pole’ covering a distance of approx 120 km from 89 degree parallel. They will carry their own loads including gear, rations and tents on sledges braving strong winds and temperatures dipping to below 130 degrees.

At Mahindra, we have always believed that empowering women will have a tremendous positive impact on our nation. In 1996, we started Project Nanhi Kali, an initiative to provide education to young girls from under-privileged backgrounds. We strongly believe that girls’ education correlates with a reduction in child and maternal mortality, improvements in child nutrition and health, lower fertility rates, better economic production, and female empowerment.

And the historic achievements by Nungshi and Tashi in a sport dominated by men, with roots in one of India’s most conservative rural societies, will inspire millions of young girls and women to dream big and achieve their goals shattering gender stereotypes.

With these pioneers, we rise.

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